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Instructions for installing the macOS application

The minimum version of the macOS operating system is 10.13.6

  1. Go to the site Open the “Download tracker” tab and download the installation file.
  1. In the “Downloads” folder, double-click on the installation file.
  1. Drag the AtTrack icon to the Applications folder.

Please note that if you drag the icon to another folder or double-click the AtTrack icon, the app will be installed incorrectly.

  1. Now you can launch the app. The first time you start, a security alert will appear. Click the "Open" button.
  1. You will also see a request to display notifications in the upper-right corner. Click the "Allow" button.
  1. In order to work correctly, you must grant the following permissions to the AtTrack app:
  • Universal access:
  • Access to screen recording:

★ You have successfully installed the AtTrack app. Now you need to log in to your account. You can read how to log in using your e-mail and password here. How to log in using Google is described in detail here.