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Report generation and uploading

With the help of reports it is possible to analyze employee labor costs. The report shows which project, which task, and for how long each employee worked on.

The report functionality is available to every user of the system.
Regular employees can only build reports based on their own activity.

Observers and managers can build reports on their projects.

The company administrator can create reports for all projects and all users of the system.

  1. Open the “Reports” section.
  1. Set the report parameters. You must select the time period for which the report should be built.

The screenshots show the report functionality for the Administrator or Manager. Observers and regular employees can't filter by project spaces. The user filter is also not available for regular employees.

  1. Click the "Generate report" button to view the report on the site.
  1. Click the "Export to Google Sheet" button to upload the report to Google tables. The link to the report will be sent to your e-mail.

★ You have successfully created and uploaded the report to Google Sheet.