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Track All Screen Time Activity

Have you ever wondered how your teammates allocate their computer work time? What are the most visited URLs, apps and programs? Get the AtTrack software and find out! The productivity analytics shows a complete picture of your employees’ workflow. Keep an eye on everyone’s efficiency.

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The main admin account lets you categorize all used programs into 3 sections: Productive, Neutral and Unproductive. The list of tracked applications may vary depending on the position — ­­­­ accountants are unlikely to use apps that programmers do. You’re free to customize!

Start noticing significant changes in the work of your team after implementing the employee computer monitoring software. If team members know they’re being tracked, they try to be the best selves showing amazing work results. Achieve breakthrough results thanks to the new way of working!

AtTrack mouse tracking feature is another way to evaluate employees’ productivity. 3 minutes absence of interaction with a keyboard or a mouse will be automatically marked as inefficient time spending. Monitoring mouse clicks, find out about the application productivity: whether it’s being useful and what functions are used more often.

Tracking Employee Computer Usage with AtTrack

  • AtTrack begins tracking URLs and apps right after you set the timer
  • Easily switch the status of the URLs and apps (Productive, Neutral, Unproductive), if necessary. Use AtTrack page or go to Account and then Apps Productivity
  • Monitor daily overviews of your team members’ work in the Productivity bar
  • The application productivity can be changed only by owners or administrators

How Does the AtTrack Software Work?

AtTrack computer tracking app allows you to stay informed about employees’ screen time activity by noting every open tab. You can configure work-related programs, websites and applications to learn whether the working hours were spent productively. Ensure that your team stays focused on what’s important!

Available Features

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Team Perfomance Management

Effective Time Tracking


Tasks Autofill

Powerful Reports

Identify Burnout


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