Offline Employees’ Time Tracking

Keep track of employees’ time even when they are not at their workplace.

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Offline Time Tracking

Time tracking app is a crucial time management tool to keep the team organized, get the best results and be efficient. Track employees’ activity in a live format to make necessary adjustments on time. See which projects require additional attention and involve more people. Transparent reports show the team’s workload: make sure that work tasks are distributed equally.

Keep Team’s Offline Time Under Control

Your employees have to fill in the absence description when adding offline time entries. Their time can be marked as productive, unproductive, or neutral. Detailed reports let you dig deeper into your team’s routine and find out the reasons why and how they spend time without the internet.  

AtTrack has set up the approval process that allows you to monitor all manually logged-in data. Don’t let the smallest detail slip out of your control.

Get the Most Accurate Invoices

Billing by the hour has become easier with AtTrack offline time tracker. Charge your clients for all meetings held on the project, consultations, calls and any side work.

Make sure every minute of employees’ work will be paid off. The updated offline tracked data will be added in the reports and billable hours so that you don’t miss a payment for all their work.

How Does It Work?

  • Unstable internet can’t be an issue. AtTrack starts automatically tracking time even if you’re offline. The data is stored locally and synced to your reports when you’re back online.
  • None of the time spent on business calls will stay uncounted. Specify your offline records and be in control of every detail
  • Reports will be updated according to the provided data. See a complete picture of your time consumption

Available Features




Team Perfomance Management

Effective Time Tracking

App Tracking

Tasks Autofill

Powerful Reports

Identify Burnout


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