Tracking the Effective Working Time of Your Employees

Keep the team’s workflow under control.

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Activity reports show the efficiency of teamwork

Screenshots feature makes the work transparent

App and URLs tracking keep the workflow under control

How Do You Track Productivity?

1. The team installs the application

AtTrack effective productivity features are available on Mac, Windows and Linux. Lead your business where it’s more convenient.

2.  AtTrack starts tracking team member’s productivity

As soon as an employee begins to track time, AtTrack gathers the information about projects, tasks, and activities to give you a more detailed overview. Everyone has access to their data.

3. Get tips to increase productivity

AtTrack dashboard and precise employee’s productivity reports let you look at the things that work the best, and find the bottlenecks to improve

Website and App Usage Monitoring

See how much time is spent surfing the internet. Get a detailed analysis of the most visited websites and apps. Monitor team’s performance and the current progress with tasks.

Productivity Tools

Tracking Inactive Time


Track with Favorite Tools

Receive actual information about your team performance. Track time only when team members stay active. Activity tracking helps you to bill your clients according to precisely tracked and 100% efficient time.

Keep an eye on employee’s work by enabling the screenshots feature. Randomly take monitor screenshots to see what activities your team member is engaged in. Get the full transparency of workflow and extra proof for clients.

Have you got used to working with Trello boards, lists and cards, or maybe you give preference to Jira? You don’t need to worry about leaving favorite software – AtTrack integrates with the most popular management systems. It takes just 3 simple steps to get started.

Why Should You Use Productivity Tracking?

Increased work efficiency

When employees know their time is being tracked and have access to own reports, they can examine the bottlenecks and improve productivity. Achieve the best results and make work more efficient.

Expanded transparency

Monitoring your employees will shed the light on every team member’s contribution to the project. Make the work transparent and build trust and confidence in the team.

Accurate invoices

Invoicing has never been so easy. Configure the hourly rates and AtTrack will automatically calculate the total amount for payment. Thanks to precise reports, generate invoices for clients in a few clicks.

Proof of work

If your clients have any doubts about invoices, let them see the exact amount of time that your team spent working on their project and the effort made by everyone.


Available Features

Offline Time Tracking



Reports and Invoicing

Effective Time Tracking

App Tracking

Tasks Autofill

Powerful Reports

Identify Burnout


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