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AtTrack Time Tracking with Screenshots

Are you looking for something that could give you extra confidence in your work? Do you want your business to become more profitable? Maybe you need to make sure the remote team dedicates their time to the working processes? AtTrack time monitoring software is the answer to your questions!

Time Tracking Data Visualization

AtTrack monitoring software with Screenshots creates clear reports to let you visualize all tracked time. Watch the development process of each project from start to finish.  Identify bottlenecks on time and prevent losses. Get more accurate invoices and provide proof of work for your clients.

Well-organized processes are key to stable business growth.

Detailed Tracking of Teamwork

AtTrack will give you a tool to find out how remote employees allocate their time. Auto screenshots feature allows to dig deeper into the application and website usage. Monitor mouse clicks and keystrokes to see if the app is being useful for the team and what they use more often.

How Does It Work?

  • When a team member starts the timer, AtTrack begins taking screens at random intervals of time
  • Employees can see all screenshots on the dashboard page afterward
  • Team members are able to look at their websites and applications activity

Available Features

Offline Time Tracking

Reports and Invoicing


Team Perfomance Management

Effective Time Tracking

App Tracking

Tasks Autofill

Powerful Reports

Identify Burnout


Stop Wasting Your Time, Start Using It!

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