Why AtTrack is your key business partner:

Effective Time Tracking

  • Track each and every task you are working on
  • Track the offline working time
  • Get a complete picture of the working day and adjust the distribution of tasks
  • Get error-free statistics

Unlimited Number

of Projects and Tasks

  • Create projects, add participants and tasks
  • Sync the tracker with your task manager
  • Task management will not distract you from your work

Team Performance Management

  • Find out the level of activity of employees at the computer
  • Analyse the applications you use, automatically dividing them into productive and unproductive ones

Reports and Invoicing

  • Use flexible reports to analyse the time spent and productivity of the team in each project to keep costs under control
  • Generate invoices for billing according to the time spent

Modules and Integrations

  • Expand the capabilities of the time tracker by connecting the functions that are necessary for you
  • Integrate the tracker with the apps and services you are using

Increase the productivity of your main business resource

Is it difficult for you to track what tasks employees
spend their time on, distribute the load, and see everyone’s contribution to achieving goals?

AtTrack shows in real time what applications and programs are being used by the employees, the level of their activity at the computer, screenshots and break times for a transparent analysis of the work your staff does and making high-quality business decisions.

Secure the revenue growth

For a growing business, detailed information about which projects bring the most profit, and which customers are most important, is extremely important.

Thanks to the detailed Attack reports, you will be able to analyse the progress of projects in detail and avoid overspending.

Make your employees’ work transparent and predictable

AtTrack gives you manageable flexibility in the work of each team member. The work schedule can be adjusted and you do not have to worry about shortcomings and absenteeism.

Be confident in remote employees and boldly implement new formats for organizing work schedules.

Why you should track the time with AtTrack

The most intuitive and straightforward time tracking app

Available on Windows, Linux, MacOS and takes up minimal space and processing power

Works without Internet connection

Cloud architecture allows you not to worry about the infrastructure and system support

Convenient pricing plans and the modular principle allow you to pay only for the functionality you need

Stop wasting your time start using it!

AtTrack is a part of Umbrella Group:
an international group of companies focused on the digitalisation of its customers’ business