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Our Awards

AtTrack – Powerful Time Tracking Tool

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  • Don’t waste time naming tasks, AtTrack will do everything for you
  • No need to install additional extensions for your browser, all the functionality is already in the app
  • Measure team members’ working time using a timer. Have a detailed view of time spent on tasks
  • Automatically generated reports show the team’s workload: distribute tasks equally and avoid overtimes
  • Improve budget forecasting by planning resources in advance. Estimate how many people a project will require based on previously tracked time
  • Analyze your team’s activity and manage their workload. Transparent reporting system helps to make more informed decisions when it comes to delegating tasks
  • Easily appoint the project managers to run your business smoothly. Complete projects faster by assigning tasks to the right people
  • Set up the screenshots feature and monitor the team’s activity. Get the full picture of their current workflow
  • Allay your client’s fears by showing screenshots as evidence of  the work done
  • Randomly take screenshots and learn how employees spend their time: working on tasks or personal interests
  • AtTrack lets you see what websites, apps and programs are used by your employees
  • Discover which applications are the most efficient: monitor mouse clicks and see what functions are used more often
  • Increase team’s productivity and get the best results out of work
  • Don’t let work calls and meetings stay unbilled. With AtTrack, every minute counts, even if you’re away from the computer
  • No need to worry in case you left the timer running while you’re at break – just edit it
  • All the time edits are shown in the daily report and included in billable hours. Manage time entries, if necessary, and invoice more accurate
  • Activate the necessary tracker functions and disable the unnecessary ones in the Modules section
  • Don’t pay for features that aren’t relevant to you
  • Only you decide what should be your best tool for time tracking
  • The variety of the reports gives you a bigger picture of business operation processes. All your routine is placed in a convenient format with no distraction
  • Simplify the invoicing process to just a few mouse clicks. Get the detailed report from time tracking software, generate an invoice and send it to a client. Save time and money
  • Store payments history in one spot and have access any time. No need for extra software. Just one is enough
  • Get detailed reports on your employees’ activity on your project
  • Optimize the budget for your project costs
  • Keep all data in one place and get detailed reports in one click
  • Monitor the status of employee burnout and take action in time to avoid staff attrition
  • Track your employee’s activity and productivity levels at the computer
  • AtTrack will automatically create a meeting with an employee who has a critical level of burnout

3 Ways AtTrack Helps You

Increase Your Main Business Resource Productivity

Are you constantly missing deadlines, running out of time, and being late for every meeting? There’s a solution. And it’s AtTrack.

Time is a company’s most valuable resource. People are who make this time worthwhile. Combine the two and empower your business. Increase employees’ productivity by giving them the opportunity to track time. Learn exactly how much time your employees spend working on their tasks, measure their mouse and keyboard activity, review screenshots, control time breaks, and much more. Use those tools to grow the business!

Secure the Revenue Growth

Analyze the business processes with the AtTrack powerful reports. Find out about the time consumption of each project and every team member’s contribution.

Estimate the cost per project and eliminate those that take more resources than give back. Grow the business profitability with unlimited possibilities of time tracking software.

Make Your Employees’ Work Transparent and Predictable

AtTrack makes employees’ work an open book. Watch teammates progress in real-time, manage the schedule and delegate tasks. 

Track apps usage and take screenshots to feel even more confident about your team. No need to worry about clients questioning the work – simply present a piece of evidence.  

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Integration with Popular Services

AtTrack integrates with different services, which lets you measure progress and activity in any tool you use.

Why You Should Track the Time with AtTrack

The most intuitive and straightforward time tracking app

Available on Windows, Linux, MacOS and takes up minimal space and processing power

Works without Internet connection

Cloud architecture allows you not to worry about the infrastructure and system support

Convenient pricing plans and the modular principle allow you to pay only for the functionality you need

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