How to increase employee’s productivity?
10 September 2021 / 4 min

How to increase employee’s productivity?

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The world of modern business is a cold and unforgiving place where the big fish eats the small one. Unfortunately, as a startup or a small business, you will most probably be at the bottom of the food chain. Still, this is the way it goes and this lack in size can be compensated for quite easily.

All you have to do is find some cost-effective ways to utilize your productivity and that of your employees. Your safest bet would naturally be to turn to technology for aid.

Here are some of the ways in which technological advancements can increase employee’ productivity.


Everyone knows that office design greatly influences everyone’s performance. From the very reception area that creates the first impression to the seating pattern. Furthermore, different colors affect people differently so things as simple as wall and furniture color can determine your success. With this in mind, you need to do everything you can to optimize working conditions in your office. Organize your office so that it is practical yet aesthetic (humans are after all highly visual beings).

Office appliances

One thing that you need to realize is that when it comes to office appliances in the 21st century what most people have in mind is software. Here, you have a choice. You can either aim for cost-effectiveness or go straight for productivity. This choice, however, can and most probably will leave a mark on your future productivity. For example, going for Open Office can save you a substantial amount of money, while it is a fact that MS Office (although more expensive) offers superior performance. The choice between them is not an easy one to make, but as always there is no right and wrong choice here. There is only right and wrong choice for you.

Data storage

Next thing that you most definitely need to have in mind is the issue of data storage which was greatly improved by modern technological advancements. By creating a well-organized and well-constructed database, you no longer need to keep a huge archive in your office which already helps a great deal. So, regardless if you keep your data on CDs/DVDs, HDD or on Cloud, both accessing it and keeping it safe is many times more practical in the digital world.


Furthermore, the very existence of e-mail has greatly improved office communication. Sending relevant data and info has never been faster and easier. Furthermore, software, like Skype, if used in the office, can really take the notion of real-time communication to a next level. Even if for some reason you are not currently present in the office this way, via conference call, you can attend any business meeting you are required at.

Health comes first

Finally, one thing is clear from the very start. Regardless of your ambitions, profit is not everything and the wellbeing of all people in the office should always come first. First thing first, for everyone’s mental health there are two things that must be done. There must be enough natural light and breaks must be adequate (of appropriate frequency and length for that line of work). Second, seeing how in a modern office everyone is tied to their desk, so in order for their posture and their back to remain healthy, office chairs designed for long sitting are a definite must.

In the end, the same principles, as always, apply only this time a bit dressed up to fit in the 21st century. A happy employee is the most productive one; the best tools cost more but offer optimal performance; practicality is your greatest ally and last but not the least, health always comes first.