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A request to add a working time

There are situations during the working day when an employee does not interact with the computer. For example, you can participate in a meeting, communicate with clients or colleagues, or work on paper. In this case, the employee can send a request to add working time.

Only users who have been added to the project as an Employee or Manager can submit a request.

  1. On the “Activity” tab, click the “Add time” button.
  1. Select a date and set the checkboxes in the appropriate time cells. Select the project and task, and enter a description of the task. In the description, you can specify the reason why you want to add time, for example "left for negotiations with a client”.

When requesting time, keep in mind that:

  • you can't send a request for multiple dates at once,
  • you can't request a time in advance.

  1. Click"Add time".

★ You have successfully sent a request to add time. Now the company administrator or project manager must process it.