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Generation and Uploading report "Users Activity"

The “Users Activity" report shows the total time and its composition in the user's system for the selected time period.

The ability to work with the report is available to every AtTrack user.

An employee can view the report only on his/her own activity.

The head can generate a report on his/her employees.

Observers and managers can generate reports on users within the project on which they occupy the appropriate roles.

The company administrator can generate reports on all projects and all AttTrack users.

  1. Go to the “Reports" section.
  2. Go to the “User Activity" tab. Set the report parameters, if necessary. You can change the time period, choose the grouping of the time to be shown in percentages or absolute values. The grouping of the time shown in percentages is displayed only when additional report settings are selected.

The maximum time range of the report is 90 days. The general settings of the report are saved when you navigate through the tabs and close the page

3. If necessary, in additional settings, you can divide the time into unaccounted/accounted as well as change the time format.

3.1 In order to form a detailed diagram in the additional settings, check the boxes for accounted/unaccounted time and , then, click on the icon in the “Chart" column.

4. Click on the "Generate Report" button to view the report on the website. To get the report sent to your email in Google Spreadsheet format, click "Export to Google Sheet" and check your email.

★ You have successfully created and uploaded the report to Google Sheet.