Logging in Using Your E-mail and Password

To use the app, you need to log in to your account.

There are 2 ways to log in to the app:

  • using your e-mail and password,
  • using Google.

You can read how to log in using Google here.

  1. Enter your company's domain and click "Join". If you don't know how to fill in this field, contact your administrator.

You do not need to enter the organization's domain to log in to the web application.

  1. Enter email you used during the registration.
  1. Enter the password. If you haven't changed your password, use the one you received in the mail.

The password must:

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • contain lowercase and uppercase letters of the English alphabet
  • contain numbers
  • contain special characters

  1. Click “Enter”

★ You are successfully logged in to the app and can start working.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • I don't remember my e-mail.

Contact your company administrator. It will tell you what e-mail you are registered under in the app.

  • I don't remember my password.

You can restore your password. How to do this is described in detail here.

  • I didn't get my email password.

This means that you are not yet registered in the system. Send a request for access to the app. You can read how to do this here.