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Why was the time not counted as working time?

You installed the AtTrack app, logged in to your account, launched tracker, and started working. Then they discovered that not all the time was counted as working.

Here is a list of reasons why this might have happened.

  1. You started the counter too late or stopped it too early.

You can read more about the time tracking rules here.

  1. There was no interaction with the computer.

If you haven't interacted with the keyboard or mouse for ten minutes, the activity will be 0%. The counter will not stop, but the time will not be considered working. This time is called Idle time or idle time.

  1. Canceling sending a screenshot to the server.

You can read more about canceling sending a screenshot here.

  1. There was no Internet connection.

Check your Internet connection. It is possible that the data was not transmitted to the server due to a lack of connection. The data will be sent to the server after the connection is restored.
Remember, you can always send a request to add time. How to do this is described in detail here.