Creating Project Spaces

Use the “Project spaces” section to divide your projects into groups. You can organize projects in several ways:

  • if the company fulfills customer orders, create records with customer names,
  • if different departments/branches are working on different projects, create records with the names of the departments/branches.

By default, the “Common projects space " entry is created in the section, so you don't have to create your own spaces. However, this will help you to organize your workflow better and get more accurate reports.

Only the Administrator can create a new project space.

  1. In the admin account, go to the “Project spaces" section and click “+ Add project space".
  1. Enter the name of the space: the name of the Department / branch or client. If necessary, enter a description. For example, in the description, you can specify the phone numbers of the customer's contact persons or list the department/branch managers.

Name for the project space must be unique.

  1. Click “Save”.

★ New project space was created. Now you can pin projects to this space.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • What happens if you delete the project space?

The space will be moved to the archive. All projects that are associated with this space will also be moved to the archive. Employees will not be able to run the time counter/tracker for these projects.