Creating Tasks

When creating a new project, the “Common" task is automatically created. This issue cannot be deleted or edited.

Employees can work under this task name, but it is better to create separate tasks for each project participant to track activity more accurately.

The Administrator and Manager of this project can add tasks to a project.

  1. Go to the “Projects” section. In the list of projects, find the project you need and click on its name.
  1. On the project page, go to the “Tasks "tab and click the “ + Add task" button.
  1. Enter the task name and click "Save". The task name must be unique within the project.

★ A new task has been added to the project.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • What happens if you delete a task?

The user will no longer be able to select the task in the desktop app and launch the tracker (counter) with it. The time that was taken into account for the task is saved. If the administrator or project manager creates a task with the same name, the old task will be restored.