Deleting the Recorded Time

If you didn't manage to cancel sending the screenshot to the server in the desktop app, you can always delete the screenshot inside the web application (web site).

1. On the “Activity” tab, select the desired date in the calendar.

  1. Select the time slots that you want to delete. You can choose one or several timeslots at once. Click on the bin icon.

  1. Click “Delete” to confirm the action.

★ You have successfully deleted the timeslot. In addition to you, your timeslots can be deleted by the company administrator or project manager.

! Remember, you are deleting not just a screenshot, but the entire time slot. After deleting the time slot, the working time on this day will decrease, and the activity will be recalculated.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Is it possible to recover deleted timeslots?

This is not possible. You can send a request to add working time. How to do this is described in detail here.