Creation of Users

An administrator can register all employees of their company in the app. This way employees can immediately start using the app without having to register themselves or send access requests.

Administrator and sysadmin can create new users in the application.

  1. In the administrator account, go to the "Users" section. On the tab “All users "click “+Create user".
  1. Fill in the first and last name of the new user, enter the e-mail address, and select the user role.

Each user must have one of the roles:

User - has access to the sections "Projects", "Reports" and "Effectiveness". Can generate reports only on his/her own activities, cannot create or delete projects.

System administrator - can view “Projects”, "Reports" and "Effectiveness" only on his/her own activities. Has access to the list of "Users” throughout the company, can edit/delete/add new/assign subordinates/archive employees.

Head - has subordinate employees for whom he can view activity, projects and generate reports.

Administrator - has access to all the functionality of the application.

 When choosing the "Head" role, you can assign subordinates to him by selecting them from the drop-down list of company employees, except for employees with the “Administrator" role. 

3. Click “Save”

★ New user was created in the app. The employee received an email with a password to the specified e-mail address.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Employees register themselves using Google accounts.

Add the corporate email domain to the list of trusted domains. This means that only users with a corporate email domain can register themselves. How to do this is described in detail here.