Connect an effectivity template

AtTrack allows you to set up effectivity templates for each department or for a team member, since those applications that are considered productive for social media managers are most likely not to be so for programmers.

The user with the Manager and the Administrator roles has the ability to configure effectivity.

1. Go to the “Projects "section, select the project and, then, press on the “Project Team" tab.

2. Select the employees for whom you want to connect the Effectivity template and click on the "Change effectivity template" button “

3. In the pop-up window, select the name of the template that you want to connect. Click on the "Change" button.

You have successfully applied the effectiveness settings to the user, now you can view the effectivity indicators in the "Effectivity" section.

For each project participant, the current effectivity settings template is displayed. If the template name is specified in the “Effectivity template” column, the effectivity settings were applied according to a specific template. If “Personal” is specified, then individual settings are applied to the user, i.e. settings that were created purposefully for the user or in the process of editing template settings for a specific user.

Each user can change the type of effectivity settings at any time.