Adding Corporate Domains

To restrict access to the app, you can add the Gmail corporate domain to the list of trusted email domains. Only users with a corporate email domain can register themselves. How to register using Google is described in detail here.

Only the company Administrator can edit the list of corporate domains.

  1. In the admin account, go to the “Settings” tab. On the “Company” tab, find the Corporate domains section.
  1. Enter your corporate email domain name and click "Add domain".

★ You have successfully added a new corporate domain name.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Can I delete a domain I added earlier?

You can delete a domain by clicking on the urn icon.

  • Is it possible to add multiple enterprise domains?

Can. To do this, repeat all the steps in this manual again.

  • Can I add a domain of the form

This is not possible. All email domains of Google accounts end with “.com”.