Generating a report

The Daily Results section allows you to automate and unify the process of writing daily reports within the company, which will save time for employees and managers to fill out and study reports.

The “Results of the day” module can be enabled in the “All modules” tab of the "Modules" section.

After the module is connected, all employees of the company will have access to the “Results of the day” section - “My reports” tab on the website

You can also write a report by clicking on the link in the client application, or on the system notification at the end of the working day.


To create a report:

1. Go to the “My Reports” tab.

2. Click on a date to report your daily results.

  2.1 A date that contains recorded time and does not have a completed report yet is marked with a dot.

2.2 The page will display the projects you've worked on during the day, their tasks, descriptions and time spent on each task.

3. Enter a comment next to the task's description to report the results. The “Comment” field is a required one.

3.1 If you want to emphasize the importance of any of the tasks, you can mark it with a “flag” and then this task will be highlighted to draw attention of the manager.

4. Fill in the required “Blockers and plans for tomorrow” field.

5. Click "Save".

★ Once saved, the report is sent to the manager.

*You can edit the report after saving.

Managers can provide their feedback for the employees' reports.

When reviewing a report, a manager can give a simple rating in the Good/Bad format and add a short explanatory comment to it. You can see this rating and comment in your “My Report” tab when hovering over a date or the dots next to the project name.