Editing the Recorded Time

If you haven't updated the project, task, or task description during the working day, you can always edit your time in the web application (web site).

  1. On the “Activity” tab, select the desired date in the calendar.
  1. Select the time (time slots) that you want to edit. You can choose several timeslots at once, and from different projects and tasks. Click the edit icon.

! Editing is not available if the time was added on request.

  1. In the time editing window, first select the project and then the task. Enter a description of the issue. If you have selected timeslots from different projects and tasks, you can set the "Save current description" checkbox. If the checkbox is set, you do not need to enter a new description. Current descriptions will be saved for timeslots.

  1. Click “Save”.

The company administrator will receive a notification that you have edited the time.

★ You have successfully edited the time taken into account earlier.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Can someone change or delete my recorded time?

The employee's recorded working hours can be deleted or edited by the employee, the project manager, or the administrator.