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Viewing the recorded time

You can view activity and screenshots for any day inside the web application (website). In addition to viewing it, you can delete or edit the recorded time. You can read how to delete time here, and how to edit it here.

Regular employees can only view their own activity.

Observers and managers can view the activity of project participants.

Administrators can view the activity of any employee.

  1. On the “Activity” tab, select the user, project, and task that you want to view activity for.
  1. Select a date in the calendar. The current date is set by default.

★ Employee activity is displayed in the panels above the calendar, as well as in the form of screenshots for every 10 minutes of work. Below the screenshots is an activity line that displays the project name, task name, and description of the task that the employee worked on.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • Can someone delete or change my recorded time?

The employee's recorded working hours can be deleted or edited by the employee, the project manager, or the administrator.